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Coaching for the Inner Edge

1st Edition
Robin S. Vealey

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Coaching for the Inner Edge

Former collegiate basketball coach and esteemed sport psychology consultant Robin Vealey reinvents the mental coaching game with this comprehensive and innovative textbook designed for both students and professionals alike. In Coaching for the Inner Edge, this former Olympic training consultant draws on and synthesizes a wealth of insider‘s material and knowledge into an easy-to-digest, understandable coaching guidebook. She integrates diverse and current literature, adds her own unique blend of anecdotes and insight, and offers experiential learning activities that go one step beyond your average coaching book. Coaching for the Inner Edge is a must-have for those teaching in coaching education programs or psychology of coaching courses, or for anyone just interested in improving mental performance in sport.

“Vealey‘s book, Coaching for the Inner Edge, is a comprehensive, practical, invaluable resource for coaches at all levels ... Vealey’s performance enhancement blueprint is wonderfully written, enjoyable to read, easy to understand, and important to apply.? Dr. Colleen M. Hacker, mental training consultant for the U.S. Women‘s National Soccer Team and coach of 3-time nation champion Pacific Lutheran University women’s soccer team

“I have yet to find another coaching or sport psychology text that captures the essence of the mental aspect of coaching in such a comprehensive and creative way."Dr. Wade Gilbert, Fresno State University professor and leading scholar in the study of coaches and coaching practice

“The book enables those working with athletes to find information quickly and get ideas for helping athletes to increase their mental skills ... An outstanding book."Dr. Challace McMillin, professor, mental training consultant, and former head football coach of James Madison University.

Author/Editor:Robin S. Vealey
ISBN: 1885693591
Copyright: 2005
List Price: $59.00
Binding: Hard
Pages: 407

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