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Sport Psychology Library: Triathlon

1st Edition
Joe Baker Whitney Sedgwick

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If you are a triathlete, coach, or someone interested in participating in an upcoming triathlon, Sport Psychology Library: Triathlon holds many answers to establishing and maintaining the mental discipline needed for what is certainly one of the most grueling and psychologically challenging events in all of sport. Guided by the expertise of Dr. Joe Baker and Dr. Whitney Sedgwick—both experienced, successful athletes and triathlon competitors � Sport Psychology Library: Triathlon summarizes current research and offers invaluable mental exercises to improve mental performance during triathlon training and competition.

Praise for Sport Psychology Library: Triathlon

"This is a great guide that will prove to be an invaluable resource to any triathlete looking to improve. This book is going to be a 'must-read' for all of the people I coach!"--Kevin Mackinnon, Canadian triathlon coach

"Finally a sports psychology book that takes into account the unique aspects and challenges that the sport of triathlon throws at the athlete. Looking back on my best races, they were always preceded by a strict regimen of mental training and preparation. However, when reading sports psychology books I was always reading about other sporting disciplines and trying to apply it to triathlon. It is nice to know that there is now a book dedicated to our sport. This book will now be in my arsenal of training equipment."--Mike Neill, elite professional Ironman triathlete

"Finally, a comprehensive sports psychology book that converts theory into practical and manageable exercises. Athletes can implement them and see immediate results as they work on the details that translate into success." -- Jamie Cleveland, Ironman and Canadian National champion.

Author/Editor:Joe Baker Whitney Sedgwick
ISBN: 1885693621
Copyright: 2005
List Price: $12.95
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 108

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