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Career Transitions in Sport: International Perspectives

1st Edition
David Lavallee Paul Wylleman

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Career Transitions in Sport was written for sport psychologists and other practitioners who are concerned with the well-being of athletes who are facing the difficult transition from a sports career and the regret anxiety and identity loss that can accompany retirement. Career Transitions in Sport is a groundbreaking collaboration by international scholars providing an overview of empirical theoretical and applied perspectives on sports career transitions.

Author/Editor: David Lavallee Paul Wylleman
ISBN: 1885693214
Copyright: 2000
List Price: $39.00
Binding: Cloth
Pages: 305 pp.
Thirteen chapters are organized into three sections:

Theory and Research on Career Transitions in Sport
Theoretical Perspectives on Career Transition in Sport
Self-Identity Issues in Sport Career Termination
Causes and Consequences of Sport Career Termination

Career Transition Interventions
Athlete Lifestyle Programs
Practical Considerations in Implementing Sport Career Transition Programs
Transferable Skills for Career Change
Intervention Strategies for Athletes in Transition
The Role of the Sport Organization in the Career Transition Process

Special Populations
Transitions in Youth Sport: A Developmental Perspective on Parental Involvement
Sport Transitions Among Athletes with Disabilities
Career Transitions Among Dancers
Within-Career Transitions of the Athlete-Coach-Parent Triad
The End of an Era: The Case of Forced Transition Involving Boston University Football

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