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Assessment in Sport Psychology

1st Edition
Robert M. Nideffer Marc-Simon Sagal

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•Will the athlete you're working with put it all together when everything is on the line?
•What can you do to make sure an athlete performs best when it really counts?
•Are certain conditions more likely to lead to success (or failure) for her?
•Will he be able and willing to make the changes required to be more successful?

In today's highly competitive environment the answers to these questions often spell the difference between success and failure not only for individuals but also for entire teams and organizations. At the upper levels of performance in situations where competing individuals and teams have all the technical skill and tactical knowledge required to be successful psychological factors become the most important determinants of outcome. The ability to control emotions to communicate effectively and to perform under pressure is what separates winners from losers.

Sport psychologists are beginning to uncover the links between thought processes and physiology; as a result today's testing tools have much greater utility and relevance than ever before. Today more than ever before sport psychology professionals must have the skills necessary to bridge the worlds of science and application.

After testing and evaluating athletes you often hear comments like the following:

?I can't believe you got all that from a test."
?Have you been at my practices and games for the past year?"
?That's exactly what happened yesterday.?br> •“That’s amazing! You described the situation perfectly."
?Can you imagine where we could be if we'd known this stuff 3 years ago?"

Assessment will become an increasingly valuable part of graduate education in sport psychology. The reason is simple: Sport has become big business. In today’s highly competitive sports markets much is at stake and winning is what it’s all about.

Author/Editor:Robert M. Nideffer Marc-Simon Sagal
ISBN: 1885693281
Copyright: 2001 Enhanced Performance Systems
List Price: $29.00
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 220
Testing and the Assessment Process
What You Should Be Measuring
The Importance of Consensual Validation
Operationalizing the Referral
Introducing Testing Response Sets and Response Styles
Assessment by the Numbers
Developing Your Interviewing and Test Feedback
Making Treatment Recommendations
Writing Reports to Other Professionals
Evaluating Psychological Tests
Reading and Evaluating the Research Literature
The Future of Psychological Assessment in Sport

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