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The Psychology of Team Sports

1st Edition
Ronnie Lidor Keith Page Henschen

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Every fan knows that individual talent is vital to a team. But sport psychologists understand that the key to success is to incorporate talent into a supportive team unit. The editors of Psychology of Team Sports have assembled a variety of articles to address the psychological issues related to team sport activities on and off the court or field.

Chapter 1 introduces a three-phase model to cut through the complexities associated with team sports and chapters 2 through 12 offer theoretical and practical advice. In addition to addressing the major theoretical concepts related to team sport activities Psychology of Team Sports discusses the experiences of sport psychologists who have worked with professionals and national teams.

Author/Editor: Ronnie Lidor Keith Page Henschen
ISBN: 188569332X
Copyright: 2003
List Price: $39.00
Binding: Paper
Pages: 290pp
Issues include
  • Methodological Principles

  • Ethics

  • Pre-Performance Routines in Self-Paced Tasks

  • The Principles of Team Building

  • Understanding and Managing Emotions

  • Gender Differences

  • Working With Professional Basketball Players

  • Improving Concentration Skills for Soccer Players

  • Issues in Baseball

  • Optimal Use of Sport Psychology for Developing Confidence

  • Contents
    Part I: Introduction

    Chapter 1: Working With Team Sports: Applying a Holistic Approach
    Ronnie Lidor and Keith Henschen

    Part II: Looking for Empirical Support: Related Issues for Team Sports

    Chapter 2: Methodological Principles in the Study of Behaviors in Team Sports: An Example of Aggressive Acts in Ice Hockey and Basketball
    Gershon Tenenbaum and Barry Kirker

    Chapter 3: Ethical Issues in Team Sports
    Richard D. Gordin

    Chapter 4: Preperformance Routines in Self-Paced Tasks: Developmental and Educational Considerations
    Ronnie Lidor and Robert N. Singer

    Chapter 5: The Principles of Team Building and Their Applications to Sport Teams
    Paul A. Estabrooks and Paul W. Dennis

    Chapter 6: Understanding and Managing Emotions in Team Sports
    Cal Botterill and Tom Patrick

    Chapter 7: Gender Differences When Working With Men’s and Women’s Teams
    Gloria Balague

    Part III: Performing Sport Psychology within the Team: Specific Sports

    Chapter 8: Working With Professional Basketball Players
    Keith Henschen and David Cook

    Chapter 9. Improving Concentration Skills in Team-Sport Performers: Focusing Techniques for Soccer Players Aidan Moran

    Chapter 10: Issues for the Sport Psychology Professional in Baseball
    Tom Hanson and Ken Ravizza

    Chapter 11: The U.S. Women’s Olympic Gold Medal Ice Hockey Team: Optimal Use of Sport Psychology for Developing Confidence
    Peter Haberl and Leonard Zaichkowsky

    Chapter 12�:Working With Individual Team Sports: The Psychology of Track and Field
    Ralph A. Vernacchia

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