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Where Sport Marketing Theory Meets Practice: Selected Papers from the Second Annual Conference of the Sport Marketing Association

1st Edition
Brenda G. Pitts

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As SMA President and host of SMA II, the second annual SMA Conference, it gives me great pride to share this book with members of the Association as well as an extended readership base. The collection of outstanding papers contained within this manuscript is drawn from over one hundred and fifty academic presentations delivered during the three day conference held in Memphis, Tennessee, November 18-20, 2004, attracting more than three hundred sport marketing scholars, professionals, and students.

-From Richard Irwin's preface "A Word From the President"

SECTION I Consumer Behavior in the Sport Business Industry
SECTION II Media and Its Messages: Managing for Marketing
SECTION III Financial Matters and Sport Marketing
SECTION IV Sponsorship and Sport Marketing
SECTION V Endorsement, Building Brand, and Promotional Strategies

Author/Editor:Brenda G. Pitts
ISBN: 1885693672
Copyright: 2005
List Price: $29.00
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 259

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