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Sport Management Field Experiences

1st Edition
Jacquelyn Cuneen M. Joy Sidwell

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This text is designed to provide answers to the questions most frequently asked by sport management students (and their families) as they begin to prepare for careers in the sport industry. An introduction to the purposes of field experiences and internships it offers useful information on site-search methods credentials preparation interviewing and more. New students in particular will refer to it often as they prepare for field experiences.

Author/Editor:Jacquelyn Cuneen M. Joy Sidwell
ISBN: 188569301X
Copyright: 1994
List Price: $26.00
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 137 pp.

Part I
Purposes and Characteristics of Sport Management Field Experiences
Part II
Planning for Sport Management Field Experiences
Part III
Planning Preparing and Presenting Credentials for Feild Experiences
Part IV
Completing Sport Management Field Experiences
Part V
Academic Exercises for Field Experience Students


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