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Sport Facility Planning and Management

1st Edition
Peter J. Farmer Aaron L. Mulrooney Rob Ammon Jr.

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Here is the first comprehensive textbook on the planning and management of major sport facilities and complexes. This comprehensive textbook begins with a history of sport facilities and then proceeds to discuss the planning promotion management and operation of modern sport facilities. The authors' use of case studies provides an insightful mix of theory and practice useful for both the student and the professional.

Author/Editor:Peter J. Farmer Aaron L. Mulrooney Rob Ammon Jr.
ISBN: 1885693052
Copyright: 1996
List Price: $41.00
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 345 pp.

Introduction: History

Planning Design and Construction: Needs Assesment and Facility Feasibility; Planning and Design of Sport Facilities; Facility Design

Management: Management Overview; Contract Services; Risk Management

Marketing Advertising and Public Relations: Marketing; Advertising; Media and Public Relations; Facility Image

Event Operations: Operational Structure; Crowd and Alcohol Management; Booking and Scheduling; Business Operations; Box Office Management; Concessions and Merchandise; Event Planning and Production

Case Studies

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