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Sport Governance in the Global Community

1st Edition
James E. Thoma Laurence Chalip

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Global. International. Multinational. These are the words that describe and move business today. Sport is no exception. This text describes the international governance structures that shape sport throughout the world and explains the organization and development internationally of both professional and amateur sport. International trends in sport and the organization of international sporting events are among the topics addressed.

Author/Editor:James E. Thoma Laurence Chalip
ISBN: 1885693486
Copyright: 1996
List Price: $36.00
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 252 pp.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Policy Analysis for International Sport Governance
Chapter 3
The Olympic Movement
Capter 4
The International Development of Sport
Chapter 5
National Sport Policies in International Context
Chapter 6
Bidding for an International Event: The Olympic Model
Chapter 7
Hosting an International Event
Chapter 8
National Teams
Chapter 9
Sport for All
Chapter 10
Politics and Boycotts
Chapter 11
Professional Sports
Chapter 12
The Future of Sport Governance in the Global Community

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