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Sport Tourism

1st Edition
Douglas Michele Turco Roger Riley Kamilla Swart

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Sport Tourism introduces students to the phenomenon of sports tourism--one of the fastest growing niche markets in the $500 billion tourism industry. Students will learn to define sport tourism and to apply fundamental marketing principles to competitive and recreational activities in which sport is the primary or secondary attraction. Sport Tourism covers participatory sport tourism (e.g. ski golf and tennis resorts; whitewater and wilderness trips; sports theme cruises; adventure tours and sport camps) and event-based sport tourism (e.g. the Olympic Games college football the Baseball Hall of Fame or the World Cup).

Sport Tourism guides students through the process of designing implementing and evaluating sport tourism operations by offering extensive industry examples and thought-provoking questions. The book investigates such key topics as feasibility studies niche marketing pricing sponsorships advertising media involvement recruitment of personnel and volunteers and evaluating customer satisfaction during and after participation. Throughout the authors stress the need for careful research and market planning and offer clear strategies and potential challenges to the sport tourism novice.

Author/Editor:Douglas Michele Turco Roger Riley Kamilla Swart
ISBN: 1885693435
Copyright: 2002
List Price: $42.00
Binding: Cloth
The four sections of Sport Tourism cover the following:

Foundations of Sport Tourism
Definitions of Sport and Tourism
Models of the Sport Tourism Industry

Event-Based Sport Tourism
Economic Costs Benefits and Impacts
Key Strategies to Design and Implement Successful Events
Financing Sport Tourism Facilities and Service Operations

Professional Preparation for Sport Tourism
Academic Considerations and Service Learning
Contact Details for Key Institutions Organizations and Professional Associations

Critical Issues and Future Directions
Future Marketing Techniques
Projected Economic Impact of International Sport Tourism
Commercialization and Over-Commercialization of Sport
Technology and Sport Tourism in the Future

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