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Foundations of Sport Management

1st Edition
Andy Gillentine R. Brian Crow

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The exciting and dynamic nature of todayís sport industry has sparked career interest from an ever-growing number of students. To meet the demand for quality sport management education, Foundations of Sport Management is designed to offer undergraduate students a stimulating introductory view of the skills and information necessary for a career in the sport industry. Topics covered are designed to reflect the core competencies recommended by the Sport Management Program Review Council and to equip students with the skills needed for a career in the sport industry. Each chapter introduces the theoretical foundations and practical applications for critical elements of sport management. Educators will appreciate the textís format, which is designed to allow for a smooth week-to-week transition of classroom instruction. The authors, who have all been identified as the current leaders in their disciplines, have provided case studies, chapter summaries, questions, and industry examples to supplement each chapter and to assist the student in gaining a comprehensive picture of the sport industry.

Chapter 1 - Introduction to the Sport Industry
Andy Gillentine & R. Brian Crow
Chapter 2 - Why Sport Management Matters
Catriona Higgs & Betsy McKinley
Chapter 3 - Communication and Media Relations in Sport
Andy Gillentine, R. Brian Crow, & Cheri Bradish
Chapter 4 - Management and Leadership in the Sport Industry
JeremyS. Jordan & Aubrey Kent
Chapter 5 - Economic Impact: An Introduction to Economic Theory
Matthew T. Brown & David Matthew Zuefle
Chapter 6 - Sport Finance
Tom Regan & Matthew Bernthal
Chapter 7 - Sport Marketing
John Clark
Chapter 8 - Sponsorship and Sales in the Sport Industry
Nancy Lough
Chapter 9 - Sport Facility and Event Management
Bernie Goldfine & Thomas H. Sawyer
Chapter 10 - Sport Industry and the Law
Paul Batista
Chapter 11 - Sport Governance
Dennis Phillips
Chapter 12 - Ethics in the Sport Industry
Lynn Ridinger & T. Christopher Greenwell
Chapter 13 - Global Sport Industry
Artemisia Apostolopoulou & Dimitra Papadimitriou
Chapter 14 - Sport Management Internships
John Miller
Chapter 15 - Your Future in the Sport Industry
Debra Ann Pace & Dallas D. Branch, Jr.

ď[The editors] clearly wanted to make a book that was enjoyable for undergraduate students to read and easy for instructors to use . . . A valuable resource to many who are teaching in this field.-- Daniel F. Mahony, Assistant Provost, University of Louisville

Author/Editor:Andy Gillentine R. Brian Crow
ISBN: 1885693613
Copyright: 2005
List Price: $49.00
Binding: Hard
Pages: 234

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