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Foundations of Exercise Psychology

1st Edition
Bonnie Berger David Pargman Robert Weinberg

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"My students colleagues and I have been hoping for the publication of a book like this one for a few years now and I must say we are delighted. This book fills a longstanding void in our academic and practical libraries and we now have a solid exercise psychology text. It will be required reading for my advanced undergraduate and graduate students for many years to come." --Mark Andersen from the Foreword

Foundations of Exercise Psychology presents a summary of the information to date on the psychology of exercise and offers lucid suggestions for practice and future research. The contents of the book go well beyond past texts in the field and include some innovative and thought provoking chapters on little discussed topics in exercise psychology such as the meaning of exercise and the psychological and physical dangers when exercise goes awry. The range of populations examined includes women children dependent and habitual exercisers and participants throughout the life span.

Foundations of Exercise Psychology will help shape the direction of the field of exercise psychology for many years to come and it will do much to encourage young professionals to enter the field and to pursue further study. The text spends considerable time exploring the relationship between exercise and personality self-esteem self-concept mood alteration and motivation—concepts and features of being human that are all intimately related. Students moving toward the exercise professions will gain a solid background in key issues surrounding exercise and health and make great strides forward in becoming competent and compassionate practitioners.

Author/Editor:Bonnie Berger David Pargman Robert Weinberg
ISBN: 1885693346
Copyright: 2002
List Price: $54.00
Binding: Cloth
Pages: 400
  • Exercise Psychology: What Is It?
  • The Emerging Field of Exercise Psychology
  • Exercise and the Quality of Life
  • Exercise and Enhanced Self-Concept and Self-Esteem
  • Mood and Exercise: Basic Mood Considerations
  • Mood Alteration Self-Awareness and Exercise: Multiple Relationships
  • Stress: What Is It?
  • Exercise as a Stress Management Technique: Psychological and Physiological Effects
  • Personality and Exercise
  • Exercise-Related Injury: Understanding and Coping
  • Theoretical Models of Exercise Participation
  • Motivational Determinants of Exercise Behavior
  • Motivational Strategies to Enhance Exercise Adherence
  • Personal Meaning in Exercise
  • Peak Moments in Exercise
  • Exercise Concerns
  • Gender Issues in Exercise
  • Children and Youth in Exercise
  • Exercise for Older Individuals
  • Exercise: What Type Is Best for Optimal Psychological Benefits?
  • Exercise: Practice Guidelines for Optimal Psychological Benefits

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