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Developing Successful Sport Marketing Plans 2nd Edition

2nd Edition
David K. Stotlar

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In this updated edition of Developing Successful Sport Marketing Plans, internationally renowned sport marketing professor David Stotlar takes you inside the world of sport management to explain how to build a marketing plan that works. Drawing on his own comprehensive experience and an understanding of the sport industry that can only come from an insider, he provides the specific issues to consider, the essential questions to guide your thinking, and the right exercises to help you develop and implement an effective sport marketing plan, including analysis of current trends and a new "Best Practices" section to conclude each chapter. With this latest edition of Developing Successful Sport Marketing Plans, students as well as professionals can use this definitive, well-tested protocol to construct their own successful marketing plans. 

The eight expanded and updated chapters in Developing Successful Sport Marketing Plans illuminate the complex world of sport marketing:

  • Developing a Marketing Plan Framework
  • Product and Service Analysis
  • Situation Analysis
  • Target Markets
  • Marketing Objectives
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Mix
  • Implementation, Control, and Evaluation

  • Author/Editor:David K. Stotlar
    ISBN: 1885693575
    Copyright: 2005
    List Price: $29.00
    Binding: Cloth
    Pages: 137

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