Developing Successful Social
Media Plans in Sport Organizations



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Copyright: 2015 ISBN: 978-1-940067-06-3
Pages: 98  
Authors: Jimmy Sanderson, Christopher Yandle
ISBN: 978-1-935412-97-7  
Audience: Graduate, Undergraduate

Social media platforms have permeated sport at a rapid rate. It is difficult to find an avenue of sport that these communication technologies do not touch. As a result, sport organization personnel have been faced with the challenge of both integrating and optimizing social media.

Given the rapid proliferation of social media into sport, organizational approaches are varied. Authors Jimmy Sanderson and Christopher Yandle fill the need for a central resource that can link practical examples with academic research to provide a compelling overview of developing successful social media plans for sport organizations.

The content within the book will be beneficial to industry professionals as well as be a useful classroom resource for sport management and sport communication faculty and students. As an additional resource, the text also includes case studies and input from athletic administrators, coaches, and athletes.

News and Reviews

  • "An exceptionally well written, organized and presented collaboration by two sports media experts, "Developing Successful Social Media Plans in Sport Organizations" is critically important reading for anyone charged with media relations for any type of amateur or professional sports organization. Very highly recommended for professional sports organization and academic library Sports Management reference collections and supplemental studies reading lists."

  • FiT authors say Twitter can be used for building relationships and for creative storytelling in sports. Read the interview with Mark Burns on Forbes Sports Money here.

Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Why Sport Organizations Need a Social Media Plan
    Chapter 2: Developing a Comprehensive Plan
    Chapter 3: Social Media Use by Coaches and Administrators
    Chapter 4: Social Media Use by Athletes
    Chapter 5: Social Media Issues and Challenges
    Chapter 6: Implementing and Managing the Plan
    Chapter 7: Measuring the Success of the Plan

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