Developing Successful Sport Marketing Plans,
4th Edition

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Copyright: 2013 ISBN: 978-1-935412-90-8
Page: 144  
Author: David K. Stotlar  
ISBN: 978-1-935412-55-7  
Audience: Undergraduate  

With an abundance of goods and services available to consumers in the sport industry, it can be difficult for products or organizations to stand out from the competition. In the revised fourth edition of Developing Successful Sport Marketing Plans, internationally recognized author David K. Stotlar guides readers in a step-by-step approach of how to create and implement a winning marketing strategy.

The chapters offer a sequential model for creating a well-defined, industry-proven plan, with the focus being on the sport consumer rather than the product, reflecting the current dynamic in the sport industry:

  • Developing a Marketing Plan Framework
  • Creating a Value Proposition
  • Understanding the Market Environment
  • Target Markets
  • Marketing Objectives
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Mix
  • Implementation, Control, and Evaluation

In addition to featuring the latest data from the sport industry, each chapter in this new edition contains “Best Practice” sections as well as worksheets that assist the reader in creating a custom marketing plan.

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