Guidelines for Contributors

1. General

The International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology publishes empirical and theoretical contributions in the science of physical activity, human movement, exercise, and sport. It is aimed at enhancing the knowledge (theoretical and practical) in these fields. The journal's editors and editorial board encourage researchers and scholars worldwide to submit their work for publication, since the journal emphasizes international perspective. Innovative applications and unique studies of cross cultural natures are especially encouraged.

The editors are assisted by the editorial board, section editors, external and special reviewers, all of whom are qualified in their respected fields. The first review process will be completed within 6-8 weeks once the manuscript arrives at the co-editors. However, some delays can occur due to unexpected and/or uncontrolled circumstances.

The manuscripts that are sent for publication should be original and not published elsewhere. Excerpts and illustrations from copyrighted works may be included with permission of the copyright owner, and such permissions are to be obtained by the authors at their own expense. The manuscripts submitted to the publisher must contain the appropriate credit line, if any, required by copyright holders of material adapted or reprinted for use. While in the review process, the manuscript should not be submitted for publication to another source at the same time. When published, the article cannot be published again in another book or journal. Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication will be required to transfer copyright to Fitness Information Technology, publisher of IJSEP .

2. How to Prepare the Manuscript

Manuscripts should be typed and double-spaced. The manuscript should not exceed 30 pages, including references, tables, figures, and appendices with short summaries in English (250 words). On final acceptance of a manuscript the authors will be requested to submit a copy of the manuscript on a computer disk in Word Document format. The manuscript must conform to the latest edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association . The manuscript should be written in appropriate English and format, otherwise it will be returned to the authors.

The IJSEP is focused on the most efficient review process possible, and as such will be utilizing email attachments as a valuable resource. Authors should send a Word Document attachment of their manuscript via email to the co-editor (please refer "To Whom To Send The Manuscript?" for relevant email addresses). Authors' telephone, facsimile, and email addresses (if available) should be noted on the first page of the manuscript. Keywords should be included at the end of the abstract. It is advisable that authors should keep a copy of the manuscript since the original copy will not be returned. The order of the submitted manuscript is as follows:

  • Title page
  • Blind Title Page (without name (s) and addresses)
  • Abstracts (not to exceed 150 words) with Keywords
  • Text
  • References
  • Notes and Footnotes
  • Tables
  • Figure Captions
  • Figures
  • Appendices

Theoretical manuscripts do not follow this format. However, a logical development of the issues discussed should be followed, and appropriate "section titles" be given. Since the review process is blind, DO NOT forget to attach the title page to the manuscript, excluding names and addresses after the first page.

Multiple authors should be listed in order. For each of the authors, the following information should be given: Department/Institution or Company, Full Address, Telephone/Facsimile/Email (if available). A special note to whom editors correspond should be clearly stated on the first page. Grants or special thanks associated with the work should also be included on the bottom of the first title page.

Any change of address (including email) should be notified immediately.

3. Labeling Subjects & Use of Terms

Protection & Labeling of Research Participants

The IJSEP Editorial Board requires that all appropriate steps be taken to obtain the informed consent of all human subjects participating in the research of investigators submitting manuscripts for review and possible publication. Authors need not describe in the manuscript the specific steps taken to obtain informed consent; however, they must indicate by a phrase that "informed consent was obtained from the participants," or similar statement.

Descriptive categories such as male-female, black-white, Jewish-Christian, high achievers-low achievers, and emotionally disturbed-normals are sometimes used to label participants. Authors must be careful that the construct label selected to identify a group of human subjects is a valid, descriptive term that can be documented as accepted, current, professional terminology.

4. Tables and Illustrations (original and three copies)

The number of figures and tables is to be kept to a minimum. Each table should be typed on a separate page. Tables should be self-explanatory, supplementing but not duplicating the text. A brief title should be provided for each. Abbreviations used in tables should be defined. Illustrations should be numbered in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text. They should be marked on the back to indicate the first author's name, the figure number, and the top edge.

5. Checklist

  • Letter of submission
  • Original and three copies of manuscript
  • Title page (Title of article, full name(s), affiliation of author(s))
  • Corresponding author (address, telephone number, and email address)
  • Abstract (double-spaced)
  • References on a separate sheet
  • Tables (each on a separate sheet)
  • Legends on a separate sheet
  • Illustrations (original and two copies), labeled

6. Disk Submissions

Authors must submit a computer disk of their manuscript. The disk must reflect the exact wording of the final revision of the manuscript. Acceptable formats/diskettes: All diskettes must be submitted in "Word" file.

To Whom to Send the Manuscript?

All correspondence concerning manuscripts should be directed to:

Africa, Europe, Asia to : Gershon Tenenbaum, Co-Editor IJSEP, Florida State University, Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems, 307 Stone Building, Tallahassee, Florida 32306, USA

Tel.: + (1) 850-644-8791; Fax: + (1) 850-644-8776

Email: [email protected]

South/North America, Australia to : Dieter Hackfort, Co-Editor IJSEP, Sports Academy, Dept. of Quality Management, Educational and Social Affairs, PO Box 23833, Doha, Qatar.

Tel.: +974 468 0918; Fax: +974 469 7346

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Journals and books for review must be sent to: Tony Morris, University of Victoria , Dept. of Psychology, PO Box 14428 MMC, Melbourne , VIC 3000, Australia

Notices of upcoming international events must be sent to: Sidonio Serpa, FMII-UTI, Estrada Da Costa - Cruz Quebrada, 1499 Lisboa Codex , Portugal

Publisher: The International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology is published four times a year (March, June, September, and December) by Fitness Information Technology, a Division of the International Center for Performance Excellence, West Virginia University , 262 Coliseum, WVU-PE, PO Box 6116 , Morgantown , WV 26506-6116 , USA

Phone: 304.293.6888 or 800.477.4348

Fax: 304.293.6658

Email: [email protected]

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