IJSF Academic Program

The International Journal of Sport Finance (IJSF) serves as a high-level forum for the dissemination of current research on sport finance topics on a worldwide basis. An important objective of IJSF is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between academicians and practitioners. A fundamental mission of the journal is to communicate to sport industry executives and managers the practical benefits of research on finance related to current practice.

Here's The Deal

Colleges and universities can now utilize the IJSF as a part of their course offerings. Student subscriptions are $36.00 and offer each student four exciting issues packed full of cutting-edge sport finance research. Each professor who signs up 10 student subscriptions will receive a complimentary one-year subscription. With 10 subscriptions, the student price is discounted to $29.00. If you have any questions concerning the IJSF academic program, please contact:

Brandyn Fisher
304-293-6888 Phone
304-293-6658 Fax
1-800-477-4348 (US ONLY)

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