Jorge Knijnik, PhD, has been with the School of Education and the Institute for Culture and Society at University of Western Sydney, Australia, since 2009. He was a recipient of the ‘Building the Gender Equality’ Prize (2009) awarded by the Brazilian Research Council and UNIFEM. His research interests range from sport in society, culture, and history to gender and human rights in education, physical education pedagogies, drama studies, and fandom culture. His current research examines the socialization process within football fans in Greater Western Sydney and how football fandom has the potential to make a significant contribution to community cohesion and regeneration in the area. He is also involved in a number of projects examining the political and cultural contradictory legacies of sports mega events in Brazil. He is the author of A Mulher Brasileira e o Esporte: seu Corpo, sua Historia [Brazilian Woman and Sport—Body and History] (Sao Paulo, Mackenzie, 2003), Genero e Esporte: Masculinidades e Feminilidades [Gender and Sport—Masculinities and Femininities] (Rio de Janeiro, Apicuri, 2010), Meninas e Meninos na Educacao Fisica: Genero e Corporeidade no seculo 21. [Girls and Boys in Physical Education—Gender and Embodiment in the 21st Century] (Jundiai, Fontoura, 2010), and Gender and Equestrian Sport—Riding around the World (Springer, 2013 with Miriam Adelman).
Jorge Knijnik
Embodied Masculinities in Global Sport

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