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Gershon Tenenbaum is a professor at Florida State University. He is a former Head of the Centre of Research and Sport Medicine Sciences at the Wingate Institute in Israel (1982-1994) and the coordinator of the graduate program in sport and exercise psychology at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia (1994-1999). Gershon is the current president of the International Society of Sport Psychology (1997-2001), the editor of the International Journal of Sport Psychology and the ISSP�s Newsletter. Gershon�s areas of interest are in psychometrics, expertise (decision-making), and exertion tolerance. He has an extensive list of publications in journals and books, and is a board member and reviewer for twelve scientific journals. He is a member of the Australia Psychological Society, College of Sport Psychology, New York Academy of Science, The American Society for the Advancement of Applied Science, North American Society of Sport and Physical Activity, The International Statistical Institute, and others. He received the ISSP Honor Award (1997), the USQ Researcher of the year (1997/1998), and the 1987 Meritorious Contribution to Education through Research by the Journal of Educational Research. He was the captain of the Israel National Team Handball and Maccabi Tel-Aviv. He is married and has three children.
Gershon Tenenbaum Titles:
The Practice of Sport Psychology

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