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Ronald Gallimore,PhD is Chief Scientist for LessonLab Research Institute and Distinguished Professor Emeritus at UCLA. He earned his BA from the University of Arizona and his PhD from Northwestern University. He taught psychology at California State University, Long Beach, and the University of Hawaii before joining the psychiatry faculty at UCLA in 1971. In 1966, he was appointed Research Psychologist at Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum to co-direct a five-year field study in a native Hawaiian community. In 1970, he and Roland Tharp designed a laboratory school (Kamehameha Elementary Education Project), which they co-directed for 10 years. For this work and their book Rousing Minds to Life, he and Tharp were presented the 1993 Grawemeyer Award in Education. In collaboration with Leslie Reese, Claude Goldenberg, and Estela Zarate, Ronald directed a 17-year study of immigrant Latino students and their families. He has collaborated with Goldenberg and Saunders on longitudinal studies of school and teaching improvement from 1985 to present. In 1992, he received a University of California Presidential Award for research contributing to the improvement of public schools. In 1993, the International Reading Association presented he and Goldenberg the Albert J. Harris Award. In 1998, he and Jim Stigler founded LessonLab, which is devoted to the improvement of teaching through research and direct action in schools. Ronald co-directed the 1999 TIMSS Video Study and currently oversees research conducted at LessonLab (a Pearson Education Company: ). He has published five research monographs and more than 120 scholarly and scientific papers. Ronald and Sharon Gallimore were married in 1963, and have lived in Santa Monica since 1973. They have two daughters, Christine and Andrea, and two grandchildren, Julien and Cate.
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You Haven't Taught Until They Have Learned

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