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Brenda G. Pitts is currently a professor and the Director of Sport Management and the Director of the Sport Business Research Center at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. She is distinguished as the Dr. Earle F. Zeigler Scholar of 2000, one of the first Research Fellows of the North American Society for Sport Management in 2001, and the 2004 Dr. Garth Paton Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Pitts is author or coauthor of four sport marketing textbooks and numerous publications and presentations, and is published in scholarly journals such as the Journal of Sport Management, Sport Marketing Quarterly, Journal of Vacation Marketing, International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, and International Journal of Sport Management.
Brenda G. Pitts Titles:
Fundamentals of Sport Marketing 2nd Edition
Case Studies in Sport Marketing
Sharing Best Practices in Sport Marketing: The Sport Marketing Association's Inaugural Book of Papers
Where Sport Marketing Theory Meets Practice: Selected Papers from the Second Annual Conference of the Sport Marketing Association

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