Practice Development in Sport
and Performance Psychology



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Editor: Jim Taylor
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Audience: Graduate and Reference

Practice Development in Sport and Performance Psychology is a practical guide with a step-by-step process for establishing and maintaining a consulting practice for today's sport and performance psychology professionals.

Editor Jim Taylor and a talented team of authors provide a foundation of knowledge and skills necessary to establish and maintain a consulting practice and explore the gamut of issues including understanding the progression of professional development, creating a performance model, writing a business plan, using social media, and much more.

Each chapter includes a summary and exercises to review and further explore relevant topics covered in the book.

From the Foreword

“This book is both informative and practical. Two particular aspects are especially worth commending because they ground us in the lessons of the past, the current state of our field, and its certain future. First, though often relegated to the latter parts of a book as an afterthought, the chapter on ethics is placed front and center. Ethics should indeed be the starting point of any consulting business. Second, technology is the future of sport and performance psychology consulting. Appropriately located in the latter part of the book, but certainly critical to our work in the 21st century, is a chapter on consulting in the age of electronic and social media. “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” the old joke goes. Practice, practice, practice.”
–Kate F. Hays, Ph.D., CC-AASP, The Performing Edge

News and Reviews

  • "Deftly organized into three major sections (Designing; Building; Expanding), "Practice Development in Sport and Performance Psychology" is comprised of ten erudite and informative articles by experts. The result is a seminal work of impressive scholarship and scope, making "Practice Development in Sport and Performance Psychology" very highly recommended for personal, professional, community, and academic library Sports & Athletics reference collections and supplemental studies reading lists."

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