Sponsorship for Sport Managers



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Copyright: 2014
Pages: 302
Author/Editors: John L. Crompton
ISBN: 978-1-935412-54-0
Audience: Undergraduate, Graduate

Securing financial resources through sponsorships is a prominent element in the job descriptions of many sport managers and the importance of that task has increased exponentially in recent years. Sponsorship for Sport Managers provides readers with an understanding of how companies use sponsorship in their marketing programs and how sport managers can leverage that knowledge into greater sponsorship opportunities.

Widely acclaimed author John Crompton masterfully integrates the conceptual with the applied as Sponsorship for Sport Managers helps readers

    • understand how companies use sponsorship in their marketing programs,
    • be responsive to sponsors' needs,
    • charge an equitable fee for providing sponsors with leveraging opportunities,
    • be active partners with the sponsors to help them meet their objectives, and
    • measure the extent to which the objectives were accomplished.

Chapter 1 • The Changing Role of Sport Sponsorship
Chapter 2 • Building Brand Equity: Increasing Brand Awareness and Enhancing Brand Image
Chapter 3 • Other Benefits Sought by Sponsors
Chapter 4 • Naming Rights
Chapter 5 • Corporate Decisions Associated with Sponsorship Partnerships
Chapter 6 • Ambush Marketing
Chapter 7 • Potential Negative Outcomes from Sponsorship for a Sport Property
Chapter 8 • Potential Negative Outcomes from Sponsorship for a Company
Chapter 9 • The Process of Soliciting Corporate Sponsorships
Chapter 10 • Measuring the Impact of Sponsorships

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