Summer Sports Camps 101:
A Guidebook for Development and Operation
Price: $18.95
Copyright: 2016
Pages: 212
Author:Richard Leonard
ISBN: 978-1-940067-03-2
Audience: Trade, Undergraduate, Reference, Graduate

Summer Sports Camps 101 is a comprehensive guide for creating and operating a summer sports camp. New or seasoned coaches, sports industry practitioners, and camp administrators in youth and college-level sports will benefit from author Richard Leonard’s extensive experience in planning and managing successful sports camps. This guidebook streamlines the process of conceptualizing, developing, operating, and concluding the summer sports camp season for camp administrators and coaches. Key administrative, management, and marketing considerations are also provided in an easy-to-read format that includes quick camp tips, sample forms, and helpful lists.

News and Reviews

“I am introducing this book from the perspective of a person who is both an educator and who has owned and operated a specialized sports training camp in the north woods of Wisconsin. Olympia Sports Village was the site of training camps conducted initially on a year-round basis and later during the summer months. As such, I had more than a passing interest in the book authored by Dr. Richard Leonard entitled, Summer Sports Camps 101: A Guidebook for Development and Operation.

With my experience as a backdrop, I found his treatment of the subject to be comprehensive. More importantly, I appreciated the practical examples that served to illuminate the explanation of various operating situations that one typically encounters in putting together these kinds of short term, yet intensive, training programs. The numerous tips in the margins of the text also serve to enrich the chapters of the book and the appendixes offer specific facts and supporting documents, such as the laws applicable to summer camp operations. The 200+ pages in the text are logically divided into major sections including planning, administrative systems, human resources, marketing and very importantly, risk management.

On the whole, the book is well written and very readable and should serve as an indispensable guide for those individuals considering organizing summer camps for the first time and holds helpful tips for those who have already done so.

From the foreword by
Thomas P. Rosandich, PhD
President and CEO
United States Sports Academy”

“At this time when many colleges and universities are expanding summer sports camps, Richard Leonard’s text Summer Sports Camps 101 is a valuable resource for the proper conduct of such programs. The practical applications presented in the text will be of immediate value for both beginners and seasoned summer camp practitioners. The book’s straightforward progression of development, structure, leadership, and operations will guide any and all who want to operate a successful and highly regarded summer sports camp.

William L. Proctor, PhD
Chancellor, Flagler College
Hall of Fame Member, Florida State University Athletics
Interim Athletic Director, Florida State University”


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