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A.P. "Budd" Ferrante

A.P. Ferrante is a psychologist in private practice in Hilliard, Ohio, where he heads the Human Performance Group International, a training and consulting group that serves individual athletes as well as sport, business, and educational organizations. Before entering the private sector, Dr. Ferrante served as the Psychologist for Athletics and Sport Psychology services at The Ohio State University. For more than a decade, Dr. Ferrante has specialized in sport psychological intervention and programming with athletes and coaches at all levels of participation. A Diplomat in Counseling Psychology with the American Board of Professional Psychology, Dr. Ferrante is a Fellow of the Academy of Counseling Psychology and is listed on the U.S. Olympic Committee's Sport Psychology Registry. He is a member of the Joint Advisory Committee on Sports Medicine with the Ohio Medical Association. Dr. Ferrante served as sport psychologist with the 1988 U.S. Olympic Team in Seoul, South Korea.

For more information on individual sport psychological consultation, or requests for workshops, seminars, training, speaking engagements, and/or consultation with your team, business, educational institution, or organization, please contact Dr. Ferrante by telephoning (614) 777-8866; or write 4094 Main Street - Suite 204; Old Hilliard, OH 43026; email: [email protected]

Counseling College Student-Athletes