Freedom Run

A 100-Day, 3,452-Mile Journey Across America To Benefit Wounded Veterans

Price: $16.95
Copyright: 2013  
Pages: 264  
Authors:Jamie Summerlin, Matthew L. Brann
ISBN: 978-1-935412-50-2
Audience: Trade

A digital version of Freedom Run (ISBN: 978-1-935412-67-0) is available for purchase through all major eBook retailers.

When Jamie Summerlin felt the calling to do something more meaningful with his life, the Marine Corps veteran came up with an extreme idea. His desire to bring attention and assistance to wounded veterans led to a 100-day, 3,452-mile run across America. His journey was intended to inspire those who sacrificed for America’s freedom, but along the way Summerlin realized he was the one being inspired. Freedom Run not only tells the story of Summerlin’s amazing run across America and his attempt to raise awareness and money for charitable organizations that serve wounded U.S. veterans, but it reveals the heartfelt stories of the many veterans he met along the way. Beginning in Coos, Oregon, and ending in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Summerlin’s trek across the nation and the stories of the veterans he encountered serve as an inspiring and eye-opening tale of courage, determination, and honor in America.

The book features 52 high-quality color images of Jamie's run across America.

"Feedom Run is a captivating book that is not only a story of one man’s amazing run across the US, but also a story about the true American spirit. My family and I have hearts of prayer for those who have fought for our country, so I was humbled to read about how Jamie Summerlin has used a sport that has meant so much to me to give back to our veterans.”
— Jim Ryun, former U.S. Rep., 3-time Olympian, and world-recordholder

Freedom Run is Jamie Summerlin’s inspiring story of how he set out to run across America to help wounded warriors, found himself along the way and proved that one person can make a difference by bringing us together to champion the common good that is in all of us.”

Marshall Ulrich, extreme endurance athlete, trans-American crosser and author of Running on Empty

A portion of the proceeds will benefit veteran-focused charitable organizations.

Learn more about the author, his cause, and how you can help!

News and Reviews

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