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SIQ Licensee Registration

Before purchasing a time-limited license to access the Sport Imagery Questionnaire, please read the license conditions below. If they are acceptable, then click on Purchase.

1. I understand that purchase of a license allows me and my test subjects use of the test product during the subscription period for research or other test projects that I will describe in the registration section. Permission to extend the license arrangement beyond the subscription period must be obtained by contacting the publisher, Fitness Information Technology.

2. I understand that while copyright to the test product (i.e., manual, questionnaire and scoring key) is held by the test authors, the test authors have granted the publisher, Fitness Information Technology, the right to distribute and sell SIQ test materials and products on a worldwide basis. I understand that it is a violation of copyright law to administer, distribute, sell, or license the SIQ to third parties without first obtaining permission from Fitness Information Technology. I further agree not to print, publish, reproduce, digitize, revise, adapt, sell, or distribute the test product or any portion thereof except for the purposes of completing the research or test project I describe in the registration section.

3. I agree to abide by the User's Scientific Responsibilities accessible through the sign-in page and published in the test manual.

4. I understand that the test authors and publisher will be informed of the name(s) and email address(es) of myself and others who purchase a license to the test product.

5. To quickly obtain group subscale scores, I can elect to have the test participant(s) complete the test questionnaire online, or I can enter online the test responses of each participant. I understand that neither the publisher nor the test authors will be informed of the identity of the test participant(s) to ensure confidentiality of the data.

6. I understand that if I translate the SIQ into another language, I will seek written permission from the publisher, Fitness Information Technology, for the right to distribute the translated version of the SIQ.

I agree to the conditions above and wish to purchase a test license.


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