Volume 15, Issue 1, March 2006

Invited Article

Inhaling and Accelerating: Tobacco Motor Sports Sponsorship In Televised Automobile Races, 2000-2002

Margaret Morrison, Daniel M. Haygood, and Dean M. Krugman

Marketing Sport to Asian-American Consumers

Irvine Clarke III and Ryan Mannion

A Mixed-Method Approach For Developing Market Segmentation Typologies In The Sports Industry

Andrew J. Rohm, George R. Milne, and Mark A. McDonald

Media Preferences of Action Sports Consumers: Differences between Generation X and Y

Gregg Bennett, Michael Sagas, and Windy Dees


SMQ Profile/Interview

Steve Schanwald

Sport Marketing and the Law

Beerman Served a Cold Response from Tenth Circuit

Steve McKelvey and Adam Epstein

Case Study

Where Have You Ben? Miami University’s 2003 Heisman Trophy Campaign Challenges

Jacquelyn Cuneen, Raymond Schneider, Andrea Gliatta, and Nicholas Butler


International Sport Marketing