Volume 14, Issue 2, June 2005


An Exploratory Investigation into NASCAR Fan Culture

Christie H. Amato, Cara Lee Okleshen Peters, and Alan T. Shao

Keywords: Fan Behavior

A Hierarchical Model of Service Quality for the Recreational Sport Industry

Yong Jae Ko and Donna L. Pastore

Keywords: Sport Consumption

Consumer Satisfaction and Identity Theory: A Model of Sport Spectator Conative Loyalty

Galen T. Trail, Dean F. Anderson, and Janet S. Fink

Keywords: Fan Behavior

Congruence Between Attractive Product Features and Virtual Content Delivery for Internet Marketing Communication

Kevin Filo and Daniel C. Funk

Keywords: Sport Delivery


SMQ Profile/Interview

Don Garber, Senior vice president/managing director, NFL International

Sport Marketing and the Law

Legal Implications of Reselling Tickets Above Face Value

James T. Reese and David L. Snyder

Case Study

Circumstantial Factors and Institutions' Outsourcing Decisions on Marketing Operations

Willie Burden and Ming Li