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Media Relations in Sport

1st Edition
William Nichols Patrick Moynahan Allan Hall Janis Taylor

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"On a daily basis--through the discipline of media relations-- no one affects the image of an organization more than the public relations staff. Media Relations in Sport provides a wonderful understanding of the functions and workings of the sports media world. For those students who are planning careers in sports management or athletic administration this guide is a must-read."
----from the Foreword by Bob DiBiasio VP Cleveland Indians Public Relations

"The media can create heroes and heroines restructure the rules of the game expose corruption or elevate an athlete a team or an institution to become an American tradition. The power of selection in coverage and interpretation of the event rests with sports journalists and media organizations. The choices they make ultimately play a role in how all of us view a particular athlete a team or a sport."
----from the Introduction

Media Relations in Sport provides a framework for understanding the connection between the informational and commercial sides of sports information management.

Part I addresses the working relationships between journalists and sport organizations as they have evolved over the years.

Part II defines the various roles of sports information specialists along with their duties in disseminating information. It provides practical guidelines on everything from writing press releases to preparing media guides to organizing events such as news conferences and media days.

Part III addresses the responsibilities of sports information professionals: How to organize and manage game coverage what to do to promote special events ranging from awards banquets to tournaments and how to develop publicity campaigns.

Part IV confronts the ethics of these formalized working relationships and the ideology they perpetuate.

Media Relations in Sport is for students in sport management as well as students in journalism public relations or communications. Each chapter contains a glossary of terms discussion questions suggested exercises role playing activities and extensive notes.

Author/Editor:William Nichols Patrick Moynahan Allan Hall Janis Taylor
ISBN: 1885693222
Copyright: 2001
List Price: $46.00
Binding: Textbook
Pages: 350
Chapter 1
Mass Communication: The Process of Sport Information
Chapter 2
The Print Media: The Original Model of Sport Information
Chapter 3
The Broadcast Media: The Most Powerful Sports Information Providers
Chapter 4
Sports Information Specialists: Sport Organization Managers of Information and Entertainment
Chapter 5
News Releases: The Sports Journalistís Lifeline
Chapter 6
Managed News Events: News Conferences and Media Days
Chapter 7
Media Brochures: Mirror Images of Sports Programs
Chapter 8
Interviews: From Personal to Pack Journalism
Chapter 9
Game Management: Press-Box and Press-Table Operations
Chapter 10
Special Events: From Awards Banquets to National Tournaments
Chapter 11
The Publicity Campaign: The Making of an All-American
Chapter 12
Public Relations Dilemmas: Under the Media Microscope
Chapter 13
Law and Ethics: Playing by the Rules
Chapter 14
The Future: The Impact of Media and Technology

The cover photo highlights Leo W. "Jack" Fleming Jr. As "Voice of the Mountaineers" Jack covered the West Virginia University football and basketball teams for 42 years and was a major supporter of WVU and its hometown of Morgantown West Virginia where Fitness Information Technology is based. Jack also spent 28 years as the radio voice for the Pittsburgh Steelers and in that capacity called what has been described by NFL Films as the most replayed moment in football history Franco Harris's Immaculate Reception in a playoff game against the Oakland Raiders in 1972. Jack passed on January 3 of this year and is sorely missed by many many people. Photo taken by Dale Sparks and reprinted by permission of The Dominion Post. Special thanks to Tim Lilly editor The Dominion Post and to Shelly Poe Sports Information Director at West Virginia University.

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