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The Flow Scales
Susan A. Jackson and Robert C. Eklund

The flow scales are self-report instruments designed to assess the construct of flow, or optimal experience. The scales were developed and validated primarily in physical activity settings; therefore, most of the data discussed in this manual were collected from participants in physical activity settings. The authors also present information in the manual on the psychometric properties of the scales from initial data collected in the areas of music and the creative performing arts, in addition to sports, exercise, dance, and yoga.

Flow is a construct that both excites and mystifies those seeking to understand and experience it. Because it represents those moments when everything "comes together" for the performer, it is a much sought-after state. It is not, however, an easy state to achieve for most people; thus it can be perceived as being out of reach and somewhat mysterious. Nonetheless, even though flow cannot be controlled and produced on demand, it can be understood and is attainable for most people.

The two Flow Scales, FSS-2 (Flow State Scale-2) and DFS-2 (Dispositional Flow Scale-2), were designed by Dr. Susan Jackson and Dr. Robert Eklund to assist efforts to conduct quality empirical research in the area of flow and contribute to the understanding of this important construct.

Online subscriptions to access the Flow Scales can be purchased for 6 months or 1 year. An online subscription to the Flow Scales also includes access to the French and Japanese language versions of the Flow Scales.

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Included with the online subscription is the Flow Scales Manual. In addition, we provide automated scoring for participants completing the Flow Scales online at our website. Test users can also download the Flow Scales and accompanying manual.

Flow Scales Manual



Responsibilities of Purchaser of Flow Scales

Introduction and Information for Users of the Flow Scales

Section I: Description of The Flow Scales

Chapter 1. Introduction to the Flow Construct
Chapter 2. Description of the Flow Dimensions Assessed by the Flow Scales
Chapter 3. Description and Use of the Dispositional Flow Scale-2 (DFS-2) and the Flow State Scale-2 (FSS-2)

Section II: The Development and Validation of the Flow Scales
Chapter 4. Development of the Original Flow Scales
Chapter 5. Development of the Revised Flow Scales (DFS-2 & FSS-2)
Chapter 6. Psychometric Properties of the Flow Scales

Section III. Scoring Profiles on the DFS-2 and FSS-2 and Summary
Chapter 7. Scoring Profiles of Different Activity Groups on the Flow Scales
Chapter 8. Summary of the Features of the Flow Scales

Appendix A
The DFS-2

Appendix B
The FSS-2

Appendix C
Flow Scale Scoring Keys
Example Profile Sheet

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