Media Relations in Sport, 4th Edition


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Copyright:2014 ISBN: 978-1-935412-95-3
Pages: 312  
Authors: Brad Schultz, Philip H. Caskey,Craig Esherick
ISBN: 978-1-935412-94-6  
Audience: Undergraduate, Graduate

In recent years the model of sport media communication has changed drastically, and it continues to evolve seemingly daily. The bywords of media communication are interconnectivity, interactivity, and mobility. The fourth edition of Media Relations in Sport provides readers information on the current trends and emerging areas in the field of sport communication from technology to social media to how the global outreach of sport has affected the sports media profession.

While the fourth edition rightly goes into emerging areas of the field, it also retains the focus of the first three editions, specifically on the basics and principles of sports media that remain its foundations. Any student interested in a career in sports media has to know certain essentials—how to interview, how to effectively create and distribute content, and how to deal with communications problems that will invariably arise. All of these subjects and more are addressed, as are more specialized topics such as those dealing with event management, publicity campaigns, and ethics.

    Chapter 1 • Introduction to Media Relations in Sport
    Chapter 2 • The Print Media
    Chapter 3 • The Broadcast Media
    Chapter 4 • Social Media and Technology
    Chapter 5 • Sports Information Specialists
    Chapter 6 • Developing Interviewing Skills
    Chapter 7 • Developing Writing Skills
    Chapter 8 • Creating Promotional Guides
    Chapter 9 • Event Management
    Chapter 10 • Publicity Campaigns
    Chapter 11 • Crisis Management
    Chapter 12 • Global Sport Media Relations
    Chapter 13 • Law and Ethics

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